The slippery slope of narcissistic personality disorder and mental illness stigma

Mental illness stigma is a very real problem. Those of us living with mental illness usually aren’t thrilled when people casually toss around mental illness diagnoses as adjectives, such as “she’s so bipolar” or “he’s so OCD” or “everyone’s a little ADHD.”

And yet, when it comes to narcissistic personality…

Being effective in challenging mental illness stigma

Patrick Corrigan has been my research crush for a number of years now. And what is a research crush, you might ask? I like how his mind works. He’s a psychologist and stigma researcher, with lived experience of mental illness to boot. He’s one of the most prolific publishers in…

And yes, this is in 2020

I recently wrote about whether or not the wording “ committed suicide” was likely to be an effective target for anti-stigma messaging. A commenter mentioned that in their home country, suicide was only decriminalized quite recently. That got me curious about where attempting suicide is illegal to this day.

Why suicide first became illegal


A look at how mental illness stigma can get internalized

Public stigma, involving prejudice and discrimination from outsiders towards people with mental illness, is damaging enough as it is. But sometimes that stigma gets internalized into self-stigma, an unpleasant gift that keeps on giving.

How self-stigma develops

Researchers Patrick Corrigan and Amy Watson described three broad types of reactions by people who are…

Ashley L. Peterson

Author of 4 books — latest is A Brief History of Stigma | Mental health blogger | Former MH nurse | Living with depression |

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