An Unashamed Crazy Guinea Pig Lady

Differences are only bad if society decides they are

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Physical features

Some people, due to a minor genetic variation, have a widow’s peak. I have this; it’s where the hairline forms a V-shape at the centre of the forehead. A widow’s peak is often noticeable, but if anyone does…

Stigma in the ER

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Come on, big boy

When nothing showed up on…

Maybe some opinions don’t deserve to see the light of day

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Should people from marginalized groups be represented by one of their own on film?

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Representation issues

A couple of months ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend. .He gets most of his information about the world from Youtube. Social justice isn’t on his radar at all, but he does like movies.

Vaccines are here, but will people take them?

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The vaccine options

The vaccines that are ready, or almost ready, to go come from Moderna and Pfizer. In general, there are two kinds of vaccines, live attenuated (which contains weakened replicating virus) and inactivated; both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are inactivated, meaning they don’t contain…

Clearing up some of the myths about self-harm

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When parents go to court to exert control

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The slippery slope of narcissistic personality disorder and mental illness stigma

Reproduction of Narcissus by Caravaggio — public domain

And yet, when it comes to narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), all of a sudden there are boatloads of people all over the internet becoming armchair diagnosticians and talking about “narcissistic abuse.”

Here’s my issue. Emotional/psychological abuse is horrendously damaging, and it’s an issue that doesn’t get anywhere near the attention that it deserves. But when you drag a…

Being effective in challenging mental illness stigma

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Ashley L. Peterson

Mental health blogger | Former MH nurse | Living with depression | Author of 3 books, latest is Managing the Depression Puzzle |

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