Should people from marginalized groups be represented by one of their own on film?

Questions around onscreen representation recently came up in both online and in-person interactions, and I wanted to look at it a little more closely, as it wasn’t something I’d given much thought to.

Representation issues

A couple of months ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend. .He gets most…

Clearing up some of the myths about self-harm

Nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a fancy way of saying self-harm behaviour that differentiates it from suicidality. Cutting and burning are the most common methods, but there are a variety of other methods people use, including scratching, burning, and hitting.

The onset of NSSI on average is between ages 11 and…

The slippery slope of narcissistic personality disorder and mental illness stigma

Mental illness stigma is a very real problem. Those of us living with mental illness usually aren’t thrilled when people casually toss around mental illness diagnoses as adjectives, such as “she’s so bipolar” or “he’s so OCD” or “everyone’s a little ADHD.”

And yet, when it comes to narcissistic personality…

Being effective in challenging mental illness stigma

Patrick Corrigan has been my research crush for a number of years now. And what is a research crush, you might ask? I like how his mind works. He’s a psychologist and stigma researcher, with lived experience of mental illness to boot. He’s one of the most prolific publishers in…

Ashley L. Peterson

Mental health blogger | Former MH nurse | Living with depression | Author of 4books, latest is A Brief History of Stigma|

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