Mental myths that get in our way

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  • Asking for help makes me a weak person
  • I should only ask for something if I know ahead of time that the person will say yes
  • Making requests of others is selfish
  • Saying no to others is selfish
  • Others’ needs are more important than my own
  • If I can’t fix this myself there must be something wrong with me
  • In a given situation there is a certain way I should feel
  • If I let others know I’m feeling badly then I am week
  • Negative feelings are harmful
  • Some emotions are wrong or stupid
  • If others don’t approve of my feelings, then there must be something wrong with them
  • Painful emotions should be ignored
  • My emotions define who I am
  • I can always trust my emotions

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Mental health blogger | MH Nurse | Living with depression | Author of 3 books, latest is Managing the Depression Puzzle |

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