New Year’s Eve Is Almost Here

And here’s who I’m inviting to my party

The fabulous Pam Livingston tagged me for a little bit of fun deciding who to invite for a New Year’s Eve party.

Since I
a) don’t like people
b) would much rather be in bed than go to a party, and
c) midnight is waaaaay past my bedtime,
I decided to approach this a little differently.

Instead, I’m going to stay home, have a civilized New Year’s Eve afternoon tea party with a few bottles of bubbly on the go as well, and invite some spunky literary characters to join me.

The first few we’ll take from Charles Dickens, because no one creates characters full of character quite like he did.

The Cratchit family from A Christmas Carol seem lovely and all, but they’re far too chipper for this curmudgeon. Jacob Marley is probably more my style, and the chains make for funky accessories.

Sydney Carton from Tale of Two Cities manages to be smart as a whip, depressed, drunk, and selfless all at the same time. That’s basically my goal in life.

Mr. Grimwig from Oliver Twist, mostly because I’d like to know if “I’ll eat my head” is all talk, or if there’s any follow-through.

I would like the rather grotesque Uriah Heep to do a quick pop-in because I feel like he has extremely long, skinny fingers that may very well reach his toes, and I would like to confirm if this is the case.

Next we’ll hop on over to Jane Austen for some inspiration.

Obviously Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice would be invited, because he’s just so damn dreamy. I might have a hard time not jumping his bones if he attended alone, and that’s probably not considered socially acceptable, so we’ll invite Elizabeth Darcy née Bennett as well.

I’d like Lady Catherine de Bourgh to be a guest solely for the purpose of seeing Elizabeth Darcy put her in her place. Then I would get to kick her out of the party. How fun!

And finally, Colonel Brandon from Sense and sensibility. While his choice of Marianne Dashwood as a love interest is almost as icky as me playing a 40-year-old cougar and finding myself a 20-year-old man-boy, times were different then, so excuses can be made. Mostly, I like that he’s a man who knows how to sit back and keep his mouth shut, a highly underrated quality.

Well, there you have it, folks — my literary roundup for some merriment well before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

I’ve now exhausted my creative reservoir and have none left to think of people to tag, so if you’re reading this and you’re interested in playing along, please do!

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